Who do I contact with a question and/or issue?
First, read & review all these FAQs to see if your question/issue has already been addressed.  Follow this guidance if the FAQs do not address your question or issue….  If you are a tenant or guest, contact Robert Lavigne (239) 300-6792 · robert@condosouth.com or visit Paramont Property Management person when the front office is staffed. Also, you can find around Erica Juarez (239) 288-1911 who is responsible for the maintenance of the building and my unit .

Where do I park?
No assigned parking spots exist.   You can park in the large parking lot outside the building’s main entrance.  If the lot is full, you can park in the smaller lot to the east (and south of the marina).  All vehicles must have registered sticker or temporary parking tag.  Temporary parking tags can be found outside the 1st floor office.  Any vehicle without a registered sticker or temporary parking tag is subject to towing.  If you are not aware of the gate code, please contact your condo owner / landlord.

Why is there a sign-in book in the foyer?
All short-term guest/tenants/owners are required to sign-in per local regulation if they are not living in their unit daily for the entire year.  The sign-in process informs the property management and emergency personnel where people are located in the event of an emergency.  You do not need to sign in every day but you do need to record the duration of your stay including the start and end dates.  Repair/remodeling contractors also need to sign-in as well using the separate book.

What are the building’s shared amenities?
VT1 has a pool, an outdoor grill area, a party room, and shared laundry rooms.  The building is not a full service hotel, so please keep that in mind and set expectations accordingly.

Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, no.  Pets are not allowed within the building or on the building grounds per the Rules & Regulations, even your cute little well-behaved purse dog is not allowed.  Emotional support ostriches are not allowed either.  Sorry.

Where are the laundry machines and how do I use them?
A washer and dryer are located on each floor in the SW corner of the building.  The new machines require a proprietary prepaid card.  Laundry cards can be purchased and/or refilled using the kiosk in the 1st floor Party Room.  Instructions on how to use the kiosk are located above the kiosk.  You can also watch this video for additional help.  Instructions on how to use the card with the laundry machines can be found posted in each of the laundry rooms.  If a machine needs maintenance, please contact Washco at 1-800-342-9683 or servce@washco.com.

Where do I recycle and dispose of trash?
A trash room with a chute is located on each floor (except the first floor) in the SE corner of the building (facing unit 503).  Only bagged garbage should be thrown down the chute.  Recyclables should be taken to the 1st floor and placed in the outdoor recycling bins located at the SW corner of the building.  Garbage can also be placed in the garbage bins outside too.  Under no circumstances should garage or recyclables be left in the trash rooms.

Does the building have cable?
Yes, basic cable is paid for by the HOA and provided by Xfinity/Comcast.  Visit the local Xfinity/Comcast store at 10600 Tamiami Trail N Suite 604 to sign-up for service and pick up your box(es).  Premium channels can be subscribed at any additional cost to the condo renter.  Each owner is responsible for setting up their own service.  The property management does not have any involvement with cable service.

Does the building have internet?
Yes, the service is available but not paid or provided by the HOA.  Visit the local Xfinity/Comcast store at 10600 Tamiami Trail N Suite 604 to sign-up for service and pick up your equipment.  Each owner is responsible for setting up their own service and paying for the service.  The property management does not have any involvement with internet service.  Short-term guests can tap into Xfinity’s wifi hotspot network.  Similar to hotel set-ups, you can find a Xfinity wifi hotspot broadcasted in the building and throughout the immediate area.  The temporary service can be purchased for an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly amount.  Please note:  VPNs are blocked by the Xfinity wifi hotspot network.  No free internet service is available by the building, just the owner in his unit.

Is there any easy way to haul items up to my unit?
Children and grandchildren have lots of energy so exploit that energy whenever possible.  But, if you don’t have any helpers….Grocery carts and garment carts are available on the first floor near the entrance.  Please return the carts to the first floor immediately after use so other residents have access to the carts.

How do I get to the beach?
Exit out the SW door and head to the intersection of Bluebill Ave and Gulf Shore Drive.  The entrance to the Bluebill Ave boardwalk is located at this entrance.  Follow the short boardwalk to the beach.  Public restrooms and an outdoor shower are located at the entrance of the boardwalk.  Alternatively, you can access the beach through Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park.  The state park does charge an admission fee whereas the Bluebill Ave boardwalk is free.  When returning from the beach, please avoid tracking sand into the building.  An outdoor shower is available near the SW building / beach entrance to rinse off any sand.

Where is the pool?
The pool is located just north of the building and is shared with VT2.  You need to use your building key to open the gate lock.  Speedos are permitted but please don’t scare people.

Where can I store my watercraft?
A limited number of boat slips are available for annual rent.  Contact the property management company to put your name on the waiting list.  You will be contacted by the property manager when a boat lift becomes available for transfer.  The HOA charges an annual rent for the boat lift and you will also need to agree upon a transfer price with existing boat lift renter.  If no owners are interested in renting a boat lift, the existing renter will be responsible for removing the boat lift equipment before no longer being obligated to pay the annual rent.  Currently, the building does not have storage for kayaks or paddleboards; however, the Board is exploring options.  Unfortunately, no temporary water craft rental options are offered by VT1.  Contact the local marina (South Bay Marina) for potential temporary rental slip options.

Does the building have any activities planned?
Yes, some residents plan weekly, monthly, annual, and ad hoc events.  Check for signs in the lobby and visit/join our Facebook Community Group for posted events.   Everyone is encouraged to post events on the Facebook group.

What are some fun places to visit and/or eat?
Visit our Things to Do page for local attractions and restaurants. 

How do I meet people in the building?
Join our Facebook Community Group to virtually meet/connect with people and attend posted events.

Is everyone in the building old?
Yes, this is Florida.  And, everyone has either blue hair or they are bald.  What were you expecting?  Just kidding.  Actually, we have a diverse group of residents ranging from the chronologically challenged to the chronologically gifted.  The common bond that we share is that we are respectful of everyone and try not to disturb our neighbors.

Who is responsible for damage in my unit?
The owner is always responsible for repairing and paying for damage in their unit regardless of fault per FL condominium law.  Even if a unit neighbor has a flood or fire, each owner is responsible for the cost to repair their unit.  All owners are encouraged to maintain suitable insurance to cover the cost of unexpected damage.  In additional to the interior elements of their unit, owners are responsible for windows, sliding glass doors, and screens.  The HOA is only responsible for the structure, exterior, and public spaces.

Do you have any recommendations for repair people?
While the building does not endorse any service providers, you can visit our Service Providers document in the Videos & Medias section for service providers who have worked in the building and are recommended by a condo owner.

Should I worry about humidity and/or mold?
Yes, Florida is sub-tropical climate where the air frequently has a high moisture / humidity content which promotes mold growth.  Owners are encouraged to monitor humidity levels with a humidity monitor and to check the local outdoor relative humidity level for the day (weather.com).  The ideal indoor relative humidity range is 40-60%.  Do not open the sliding glass doors or windows on high humidity days.  Use portable dehumidifiers inside when needed.  Consult an HVAC technician for additional guidance.

What should I do when I leave my unit for an extended period of time?
Check out our Departure Checklist for a general list.

Where can I obtain official condo documents?
Ask the owner for more info.

What are the condo rental restrictions?
Owners may only rent out their units for a minimum duration of 30-days or more with two exceptions. Two 2-week rentals are allowed per year (at the beach condo only).  Potential guests/tenants must complete a rental application and submit a HOA non refundable application fee.  All rentals must be formally approved by the HOA prior to the rental.  All owners are responsible for collecting and remitting the appropriate Collier Tourist Tax and FL Sales Tax.  Guests/tenants must abide by the Rules & Regulations.