If you are leaving your unit for an extended period of time, below is a general checklist to consider prior to departing.  This list is not exhaustive but only suggestive.  Additional departure tasks may apply for your unit.  If you are a tenant or guest, you should contact your condo owner/landlord for a specific list.

Here is the latest newsletter of VT1: VT1 2022-March Newsletter 03-18-2022

Your holiday is coming to an end, here are a few things you need to do before leaving the beach condo:

  1. Please put the AC fan in the lowest speed and temperature setup at 76°F. Call me if you need help!
  2. Flush toilet one last time.
  3. Shut down the water valve (inside the unit) over the water heater tank ¼ turn.
    Note:  This task is required by the HOA to minimize water damage from undiscovered potential leaks.
  4. Close all windows, doors and blinds.
  5. Make sure the lanai sliding door is locked.
  6. Empty fridge of all perishable food.
  7. Make sure all water faucets and toilets are not dripping/running water.
  8. Make sure all lights, TV and other devices are OFF.
  9. The cleaning person will take care of bed sheets and towels.
  10. Make sure the front door is locked when you leave by trying to get back inside. If not, turn the inside door knob horizontally and try again.
  11. Do not forget any personal property behind.
  12. Please confirm your departure time so we can schedule the cleaning

Enjoy your trip back and thanks for your business, it was a pleasure hosting you.
Have a safe trip back.